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This website is designed to help you locate medical detoxification programs in Los Angeles, California. If you are in immediate need of detox services for alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications call 1 877 986 4673 now.

Learning More

It is important to remember that there are two different methods for detoxification practiced in Los Angeles detox centers. These are:

  • Medical Detoxification
  • Non Medical Detoxification

Medical Detox vs. Non Medical Detoxification

Know Your Detox Options

If you are not physically dependent on alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications, then any type of detox program will work. However, if you are physically addicted to any drug then you will need to complete detox in a medical detoxification center.

In a non medical detox center, there are no medications assigned to ease withdrawal symptoms. This can be very dangerous if you are dependent on certain types of drugs. Risks may include withdrawal symptoms such as seizures or heart attacks, and these risks can be prevented by enrolling in a detoxification program that ascribes to the medically-assisted detox protocol.

Type of Environments in Detoxification Programs

Hospital vs Home Like Surroundings

Although many people that need detoxification services think they will need to go to a hospital to complete detox treatment, this is not always the case. There are also private facilities that offer medical services capable of helping people detox safely from any type of drug.

In the hospital setting, the number of patients undergoing detoxification at any one time may number as high as 50. In most private detox clinics, the program will encompass only 5-15 people at one time. For that reason, it can often be difficult to get enrolled in a private detoxification centers comparably to a hospital program.

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If you would like to complete a free drug treatment assessment call the toll free number provided. The reality is that locating the best detoxification clinics in Los Angeles only requires you to communicate what you are looking for to a knowledgeable person. Although detox centers and clinics vary in scope and philosophy – assuredly there are detoxification programs that you can find that will meet your specific needs.

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